Welcome to The Polished Pup



The Polished Pup blends the necessity of everyday grooming services with the added benefits of therapy and wellness.  A place where your Fur Baby can feel nurtured, loved and supported while being away from you. 


Polished Pup Services - Exceeding Your Expectations


  • We have gone steps above to ensure that your canine has a safe, hygienic, warm, relaxed, cozy and comfortable environment. 

  • We offer certified organic grooming, massaging mud baths, nail trims, daily lounge care with relaxing music, warming far infrared, drop-off service and more.

All services by Appointment Only.

If you would like us to accommodate an earlier time for lounge care in the mornings, before our open hours, or a later pick up after our closed hours, give us a call and see when we can accommodate your request. ​

Please note: Puppies must have had their required shots & records with you in hand on their first visit, in order to enjoy and participate in our services.


​We ask that any dog with fleas, ticks, mites etc... Please refrain from entering our facility, as we do not offer these services.  We do not accept aggressive or hard to handle dogs. These policies are put in place to ensure that no dog is at risk.  We thank you in advance and can’t wait for you to come visit us.



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