(Add to any organic bath package)

A deep cleaning, deliciously sweet smelling and hydrating with Omega oils and B vitamins.

A Fur Baby dry skin cure, that relieves excessive shedding. Dry skin causes excessive shedding that can be prevented.


Shed safely is the perfect solution to excessive shedding and dry skin.  Healthy skin equals a beautiful coat.  If your Fur Baby has dry skin, this is definitely the treatment.

  • Shed safely mud is made with fine, nutrient rich, hypoallergenic clay and a line-up of powerful, nourishing ingredients.  Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Dried Powder, Borage Oil (Omega Fatty Essential-Acid), Rice Bran Oil (Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamin E), Zinc and Allantoin.  Mother Natures best ingredients that cleanse, exfoliate and feed the skin to promote healthy cell regeneration.

  • Shed safely is enhanced with extra beneficial ingredients to treat clogged hair follicles, remove loose fur and release the undercoat.

  • Vitamin B3- Also known as niacinamide, this essential vitamin increases ceramide, a fatty acid that regulates skin regeneration, prevents the skin from losing water, improves skin barrier function, increasing cell turnover to promote hair growth.

  • Provitamin B5- Also know as panthenol, the essential vitamin stimulates cell growth and tissue repair.  When applied topically, panthenol penetrates the skin and is converted into pantothenic acid, a complex B vitamin.  Panthenol gives the coat shine, bounce and causes long-lasting moisture.

  • Multifruit BSC- Has strong antioxidant properties, stabilizes collagen fibers, promotes collagen biosynthesis and decreases capillary permeability and fragility.  Contains alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliate skin evenly and prevent clogged hair follicles.

  • Sugar Cane & Sugar Maple Extract- These natural plants contain alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliate skin evenly, prevents clogged follicles and hydrates the skin and coat.

  • This all natural, detergent-free shed safely mud will rejuvenate your Fur Babies skin & coat, help relieve/prevent excessive shedding while promoting healthy skin and coat.



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