We wanted to create a service that would not only be beneficial to Fur Baby wellness, yet one that would provide therapy for the ones that need it the most.  We are very happy to be able to offer warming far infrared sessions for your canine.


  • Beneficial for recovery, inflammation, arthritis, bursitis, strains, muscles and or joints that are causing pain, pre and post surgery, dogs who can't sustain body temperature needing extra warmth and general  wellness.​


Therapeutic benefits of far infrared heat are- vasodilation of the blood vessels result in increased localized blood flow to accelerate healing, pain relief, increased metabolic activity within the cells to help repair and recover, provide deep heat for animals that cannot maintain body temperature, removal of harmful & painful pro-inflammatory mediators (toxins). Helpful for the pet suffering from stiffness and signs of aging.​


  • After just 20 minutes, the heat penetrates to depths of 2.36 inches promoting increased blood flow into the targeted area delivering nutrients, oxygen and proteins to keep tissues healthy while eliminating toxin build up & reducing inflammation and help soothe pain.

We offer 20 and 40 minute sessions. Save 10% on 6 or more.



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